The Municipality of Nuuk, Greenland 

48 staff apartments

  • Owner: The municipality of Nuuk
    Architect: 6B Architects

Scandi Byg built 48 staff apartments for the municipality of Nuuk in Sarfaarsuit Vest, Greenland.

Our building concept helped secure all phases in the building project because we were able to produce the modules in Denmark before they were transported to the building site in Greenland.

Nuuk Kommune - personaleboliger

The time frame was reduced drastically because foundations, drains etc. at the building site was finished at the same as the modules where produced in Denmark.

Nuuk Kommune - køkken

The project included 48 apartments, built in 3 blocks all 3 stories high. A total living area of 3412 square metres. Furthermore we built 8 staircases and 680 square metres of sheds.

Each apartment is built from 2 modules and each apartment has a small entrance, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and 2 bedrooms.