23 senior houses

  • Owner: AB Langagergaard
    Architect: HMT Arkitekter
  • Project address:
    Stiksagervej, 2670 Greve, Denmark

HMT Architects has designed the houses for the AB Langagergaard which is a privately owned housing co-operative.

Langagergaard - facade

The building project included 23 senior houses in 5 different types of houses ranging from 80 to 109 square metres in size. The 23 houses are situated around a larger garden area, a common house, and a narrow street – everything complementing the surrounding landscape.

The houses vary in height and with the surrounding landscape the estate makes a beautiful example of how industrialised building is far from ordinary.

Langagergaard - badeværelse

On the inside the houses have wooden and quarry tile floors. Walls and ceilings are white painted plasterboard. On the outside the houses are decorated with high quality larch wood.

This project was won in a public tender.