Copenhagen Metro Company

In close co-operation with tnt architects a/s Scandi Byg won the Copenhagen Metro Company tender.

Størrelse: 4274 m²
Bygherre: Copenhagen Metro Company
Arkitekt: tnt architects a/s

The new office building is situated along the Metro line in central Copenhagen.

The office building houses, the Metro administration, and the project group which is responsible for designing and building the new city ring which is an extension of the exiting metro lines.

Because the entrance area is not divided into to separate floors the walls are fitted with acoustic strips, have sky lights, and a fully visible walking bridge connecting the 2 wings.

Metroselskabet - facade

The building is 2 stories high and consists of 2 wings connected by a large entrance area with reception and a canteen with access to an outside court yard terrace.

Metroselskabet - kantine

On the inside the building is kept in light colours with grey linoleum and ash wood floors.

The 2 wings are mixed with smaller offices, open office spaces, and conference rooms. On the outside the building is covered by grey coloured eternit.

The entire building has been built using 116 modules which were all transported to the building site from our factory in Løgstør.