Industrial Module Building Concept

- With no architectural limitations


Business areas and references.

Our building concept is the ideal alternative to the traditional and cost intensive types of building methods. We are specialists in high quality industrialised module building and have more than 30 years of experience with building projects for private and public companies and governmental organisations.

As with traditional building our concept has no architectural limitations. We can co-operate with any architect and find creative solutions no matter if the project is private housing, offices, schools, or day care centres.

The difference between our industrialised building concept and traditional building is not originality or quality – the difference is, we believe, process, building method, logistics and price competitiveness – all to the customer’s advantage!

We can document that an industrialised module building turnkey project is 15 – 20% more cost efficient compared to traditional building projects and furthermore the time from project start to finish is remarkably shorter, because building foundations, drains, various connections etc. at the building site can be prepared while the modules are being produced at the factory. When the modules arrive at the building site they are ready for installing.

Our published references show many examples of the different types of building projects we have finished. All projects are produced in close co-operation with architects and/or the building owner.