30 Years of Experience with Module Building

- Guarantees a result in the best quality

Company values

At Scandi Byg seriousness, respect, and mutual trust are keywords.

This is important not only in regards to our clients and the companies we co-operate with, but also to the relations between employees at Scandi Byg.

It is our company mission to improve awareness about the many advantages and possibilities which our building concept gives.

We strive to make sure that we keep our word, when it comes to actions and results. We have a list of company values which we follow in everything we do:

  • We focus on high quality
  • We understand and meet our customers actual needs
  • We respect and treat our customers professionally
  • We respect our colleagues and their work
  • We always keep our promises
  • We want to be in a position where we can attract skilled and reliable employees
  • We value good physical and social parameters
  • We only work with bona-fide business partners