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Code of Conduct

Because Scandi Byg is a part of MT Højgaard we have acknowledged and are obligated to work according to a set code of conduct policies. Our code of conduct policies includes obligations regarding integrity, fairness, and social responsibility.

Securing the code of conduct includes that Scandi Byg at all times and in all projects must respect, honour, and work according to all laws which are in the countries in which we do business.

Our code of conduct includes and contains the following three main areas:

  • Business ethics
  • Social responsibility
  • Human rights

Together with MT Højgaard we have a number of underlying policies which are governed by our code of conduct rules. This means that we, as a company are obligated to act according to these rules in regards to employees, economy, environment, security, customers, competitors, business partners, and sub-contractors.

Our suppliers are equally obligated to work according to a set of rules and policies called Code Of Conduct Policies for Suppliers. The code of conduct policies are available for download in pdf-format.