30 Years of Experience with Module Building

- Guarantees a result in the best quality

Scandi Byg

Flexible production facilities and skilled employees

Scandi Byg a/s is an independent subsidiary of the largest contracting company in Denmark, MT Højgaard a/s. Scandi Byg is based in Løgstør approximately 50 kilometres outside Aalborg.

Our primary area of business is to produce private housing, offices, day care centres, and schools. Another business area is mobile crew facilities which are marketed and sold via our subsidiary called SB Modul.

We have international experience with handling projects in Greeland, in Europe and in the Middle East.

At Scandi Byg we are 120 employees in our administration and production. In total we have approximately 12,000 square metres of production facilities – all of them covered by roof.

Our production facilities are divided into a cutting department and four separate production lines which provide us with the necessary production flexibility. We also have our own joinery, paint shop, and blacksmith with specialists employed in all areas.

Our employees in the production are supported by an experienced team of sales technical consultants, and engineers as well as production and erection managers.

Our skilled employees and experience is what we believe gives our customers the best result!

When you co-operate with Scandi Byg we guarantee that your project gets full attention!