Yet another AlmenBolig+ order

Scandi Byg is extending our cooperation with KAB concerning the AlmenBolig+ concept

Scandi Byg has won yet another order for 35 homes to be built according to the AlmenBolig+ concept.

The project is to be built in Jyllinge, and is based on the building system which we have developed in the context of other AlmenBolig+ projects. The system is characterised by a high degree of flexibility which makes it possible to adapt the homes to many different plots of land - both to a very scenic area such as Jyllinge, but also to a newly built residential area in town.
In previous projects, the system has been combined to form both terraced houses and cubes of two to four floors, but for the land in Jyllinge we have developed a new type of house - a super-villa consisting of 5 homes constructed as town houses, but combined under a single roof.

The homes are in four different sizes from 93 to 130 m2 and in one and two levels respectively, with access to terraces.
Partitioning is flexible, spanning from a completely open-plan solution to a maximum of 4 bedrooms, and any partitions can be removed again, so that the homes can be adapted over time to the changing desires and requirements of a typical family. For example, single level homes with open access from the ground level can be specifically converted from family homes to senior housing, which securitizes the future for the individual, while providing a sustainable solution for the housing association.

In the planning of the project, we have had particular focus on integrating the architecture of the houses on the park-like Jyllinge plot with its large old trees and a small lake.
A total of 7 detached super-villas are dotted across the hilly terrain, and green roofs as well as varying outdoor spaces ensure a cohesiveness between nature and architecture.

The homes will be constructed as low-energy housing according to Danish Building Class 2020, and we have in particular wanted to ensure that future residents will have an optimum indoor climate with minimal energy¬consumption as well as simple use and maintenance.

We have won the turnkey contract in an invitation to tender in cooperation with ONV Architects, JAJA architects and Bascon. The award criterion was for "the financially most advantageous tender", and in the assessment, emphasis was put on the building system, price, and cooperation.

In 2013 we won Framework Agreement 4 for the AlmenBolig+ concept after having built 520 homes during the first framework agreement for the concept in the preceding years. The latest framework agreement includes approximately 400 homes which are still in the design stage, and the project in Jyllinge will be incorporated into this agreement.

If you want to learn more about our AlmenBolig+ projects, you are welcome to contact Managing Director Jesper Hoffmann: +45 98 67 25 00.