New Aalborg University Hospital

Scandi Byg has erected administrative and personnel facilities on the construction site

Scandi Byg has just delivered 4 buildings with a total floor plan of 3,300 m2 to the construction site for the new university hospital in Aalborg, after we won the contract in an invitation to tender in October 2013.

The buildings contain changing facilities and a canteen for the workmen who will be constructing the new hospital, administrative buildings for construction management and contractors, as well as a showroom where the construction can be followed.

Although the facilities are temporary, they meet all requirements for permanent construction, and comply with Danish low energy building class 2015.
In addition, major parts of the construction have also been built so that they can subsequently be moved and incorporated into the final construction of the hospital.

Initially, the facilities have been designed to accommodate 300 people, but they have been built so that they can be expanded with relative ease when up to 900 people will be working on the construction site, before the hospital is finally completed by 2020.

In this way, Scandi Byg has incorporated a high degree of flexibility into the project in cooperation with the client.

If you have any questions concerning our construction in Aalborg, or would like to learn more about our concept of industrially manufactured modular construction, feel free to contact Sales and Tender Manager Flemming Dalgaard on telephone +45 40 76 25 00.